What the hell is wrong with me? Is it ADHD, depression, diffidence, self-hate, laziness? How I hope it’s laziness.

Hello and welcome to the mess that goes on inside my brain. There are many things wrong with me, and because I’m not the most eloquent person, I always have the worst time conveying what I would like to say. Even now as a I type this, my mind is jumping from one topic to another, trying to condense it all into a nice little introduction. Not working. But maybe that’s just me. My goal is to change that, or at least manage it.

If there is anyone else out there that is going through, has gone through this or any other problems, let’s help each other, anonymously. If no one reads this, that’s okay, too.

I love music, art, walking for hours, cooking but not cleaning – screw that. I like anything that can hold my attention for longer than 10 minutes. I hope to also share some of my own creativity (if any) with you, providing I can actually finish it. I’ve run on.

Congratulations if you have actually read all of this without skipping. I know I would have.